Urge the House & Senate to quickly reconcile Tax Reform Bill!

Act Now!

The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have passed Tax Reform! The next step is to reconcile the differences into one bill, and then have that pass the House and Senate again!

The opposition is going to be loud, so lets make sure that our voices are heard today!

Use this form to send an email to your Member of Congress and Senators asking them to quickly reconcile the Tax Reform Bill to make sure it includes these two key points:

  • Increased Child Tax Credit. Currently, it is set at $1000 per child. The House bill would increase this to $1600, the Senate to $2000 per child. We want the larger amount to help families.
  • Expanded 529 that allows private K-12 education and homeschooling. The Senate bill expands 529 from being just for college savings to include K-12 education and homeschooling expenses. The House plan only includes K-12 education. We do believe homeschooling should be covered as well.

Make sure that your Member of Congress and Senators hear from you that it is time to pass a simplified tax code that lowers taxes on working Americans and supports families! It takes two minutes to send them an email here.

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