Let's end Obamacare & block grant health care to the states!

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Congress has failed to end Obamacare! In addition, the left is embracing Bernie Sander's single-payer plan that gives total control of health care to the federal government.

The only way to truly stop the road we are on to single-payer health care is to move it to the states. No wonder Senators like Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris did everything they could to stop the Graham-Cassidy plan. They knew it meant the end of their control of health care. Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum is continuing to work with Members of the U.S. Senate to create a plan that can pass in 2018. It is important that we don't give up now!

When Rick Santorum authored the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, he had the same sort of push back from the left. Now, even former President Bill Clinton lists that as one of his administration's greatest accomplishments. Why? Because the states innovated and came up with new ways to meet the needs of their citizens at the lowest cost. Do you want world class health care at a reasonable cost? Let the 50 states put plans together and learn from each other, just like they did for welfare reform.

Below are some articles that offer more information about block-granting money and control to the states. While some talk about the Graham-Cassidy plan, they also explain how valuable the block-grant approach can be.

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Graham-Cassidy vs. The Swamp by James Freeman

Freedom Caucus chief: House would pass Obamacare repeal plan By Rachel Bade

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