Confirm Amy Coney Barrett

to the Supreme Court

President Trump has made a sterling nomination for the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett is solidly committed to the Constitution and to the rule of law, and she will be a stellar justice on the top court. 

Senator Rick Santorum is confident that she will be a superstar, he said “Unlike Gorsuch and Roberts, she does not care what DC thinks of her. Faith is the center of her life. Her brilliance is matched by her humility. She is normal. Her family grounds her.”

Coney Barrett’s family and her faith are at the center of her life. She and her husband have seven children – two of whom are adopted and one with special needs. She is a devoted wife and mother and a devout Christian. She is also dedicated to following the text of the Constitution.

The Left is already promising to stop at nothing to smear her good name. In fact, we are already seeing some of the ugly attacks on her, which focus right now on her Catholic faith. We are blessed to live in a nation that was founded on the belief that religious freedom is an essential feature of our system of self-governance, and these attacks on her because of her Christian faith have no place in the confirmation process.

There is no doubt about it: President Trump has made an excellent choice in nominating Amy Coney Barrett. And that is precisely why the Left is so determined to undermine her. 

We have an opportunity right now to make our voices heard, that we support her nomination to the Supreme Court. They need to hear from us. It only takes two minutes to use this tool to send an email to your U.S. Senators asking them to swiftly confirm Amy Coney Barrett. 

Also, please join me in praying for her, and for our country as we approach the confirmation process in the Senate.

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