First Amendment Defense Act

HR 2802 : First Amendment Defense Act


This bill is from the 114th Congress.

Referred to House Ways and Means June 17, 2015

Referred to House Oversight and Government Reform June 17, 2015

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Following the Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage and the assault on our religious liberties, Patriot Voices is calling on our members to support the First Amendment Defense Act which has been authored by Senator Mike Lee in the Senate and Rep. Raul Labrador in the House.

Patriot Voices believes Congress should pass the First Amendment Defense Act, because it is an important step in protecting religious organizations from penalties such as the loss of their tax-exempt status should they be opposed to same-sex marriage based on their religious beliefs.

Some argue that religious freedom ends at the door of the religious gathering.  That is not freedom of religion -- that is something much less. That is called freedom to worship.  To have religious liberty one must have the freedom to express those religious values in every aspect of one’s life.  Our country cannot flourish in the future if we don’t remember the ideals our Founding Fathers put forth in the past to protect our religious liberties