Save the Filibuster

We need your help to defend this institution.

The filibuster is a unique tool in the Senate to protect the right to debate. The filibuster only exists in the Senate - not in the House of Representatives - and it reflects the different nature of the Senate. The Senate, where each state is represented by two senators, is intended to be a check on the more populist House of Representatives, where representation is determined by population.

The filibuster allows senators to engage in debate on bills, and it helps protect the political minority's viewpoints. With the filibuster in place, 60 senators, not 51, must vote to end debate and proceed to vote on legislation and other proposals. Without the filibuster, a simple majority with 51 votes would always win, thus silencing the other side.

The Senate is currently split evenly - with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. It has never been more important to protect our right to debate on the Senate floor! The filibuster is our most important tool to stop an evenly split Senate from becoming a rubber stamp for President Biden's radical agenda!

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